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East Devon Riding for the Disabled

Our riders from around Exeter and East Devon are children and adults of all ages and disabilities; physical, mental, behavioural and sensory.

RDA classes provide opportunity for riders to experience the joy of being with horses.

Autumn/Winter 2018


Please call or text the number below with 24 hours notice if you cannot make a riding session. Do not contact the stables directly.
Riders, Parents, Carers:
Jan Portlock - 07967 150364
Mary Boulton - 07714 303434


Please arrive at the following times:
Volunteers - 11:30an for morning sessions and 1.30pm for afternoon classes.
Riders - 15 minutes before your designated session (2:00pm, 2:40pm, 3:20pm)
Times start promptly our riders get the most out of our sessions so please adhere to our time frame. If for any reason you will be late to a session please contact the relevant number above.

Month Thursday Friday
September 13th 14th
20th 21st
27th 28th
October 4th 5th
11st 12th
18th 19th
Half Term 22nd - 26th
November 1st 2nd
8th 9th
15th 16th
22nd 23rd
29th 30th
December 6th 7th
Winter Break - Spring Term Starts 28th Feb 2019